Tools designed to increase your company’s productivity and product quality through technology driven advancements in ice production

What is nanoICE

nanoICE’s machines produce smooth, microscopic ice particles created from salt water designed to preserve fresh product from harvest to the sales floor. nanoICE delivers the highest quality ice production machines, salt-water dosing systems, and ice storage tanks built to increase your company’s bottom line.

Benefits of nanoICE Technology

  • Retains product quality up to 30% longer than flake ice
  • Reduced bacteria count compared to flake ice
  • Fast and even cooling throughout the product
  • Reduced lipid oxidation and drip loss

Machine Features

  • Pumpable ice for easy delivery
  • Computer automated for ease of use
  • Easy to install – just connect water and power
  • Reliable, compact, maneuverable all-in-one units
  • Marine-grade hardware built to endure extreme conditions