We started an ice revolution

We know that overcoming modern business challenges for aquaculture producers and food processors of all sizes require a different approach. We know that by having the right tools, you can extend the shelf life of your products while reducing waste and spoilage costs.

Therefore, our team created nanoICE – the next-generation molecular ice solution that helps you keep your products fresh for longer. We combined our unique technology with the outstanding machine design of our own to ensure that our solution fits a variety of industries.

We completely disrupted the process of chilling and preserving perishable materials. nanoICE can be used for the highest standard of preservation of seafood, vegetables, fruit, poultry, and meat.

But we are not stopping here.

We thrive to provide you the best service ever experienced and that’s why we add the following services along with the technology and the machine: after-sales technical support, extensive product training and “try before you buy” policy.

Our team has an extensive background in harvesting, food processing, refrigeration technology and business operations. We use our 110+ years of combined experience to constantly improve our products, so that we help you solve any challenge faster and more efficiently.


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