Who can use nanoICE


Seafood processors

nanoICE is the best fit for seafood processors, as it reduces spoilage and keeps the product fresh for a longer time without damaging its appearance.

Aquaculture producers

nanoICE helps all aquaculture producers to keep their catch fresh (not frozen) and ensure better quality and more sellable weight.

Produce companies

nanoICE is extremely gentle to the most delicate product surfaces and can be used to preserve fruits and vegetables fresh without causing any damage.


We solve long-lasting challenges in food preservations

nanoICE’s unique features address multiple challenges for seafood harvesters and producers delivering up to 15% improvement in post-harvest yields.

Easy to use machines

• Pumpable ice solution
• Both super-cooled water and ice
• Intuitive touchscreen interface
• Easy and accurate hose delivery
• No more shoveling

Customer service

• Easy to install
• Simple to maintain
• Collect sensor data
• Built-in troubleshooting
• Can be remote controlled

Tangible ROI

• Longer product shelf life
• More sellable weight
• Increased profit margins
• Return on capex in 18 months

Flexible solution

• Small and modular machines
• Less energy and less refrigerant
• Use in various industries
• Customizable for your needs

35% better <em>pedicel (stem) retention</em>

In 2011, nanoICE partnered with the Washington State University in order to perform an extensive test on Skeena &amp; Rainer cherries to evaluate the ways both nanoICE and flake ice affect such gentle products.
The cooling tests showed that nanoICE quickly and dramatically reduced fruit temperature. Further analysis revealed better color grade, visual appearance and stem retention in fruit treated with nanoICE.

  • 6% improvement on storability
  • 5.4% better firmness
  • 35% increase in stem retention

The 72-hour <em>fish test</em>

The nanoICE team self-conducted a quick experiment where we stored salmon for 3 days in two separate containers – one filled with flake ice and the other filled with nanoICE.*

In just 72 hours, the salmon treated with flake ice showed signs of advanced bacterial infection and discoloration. The fin had slipped down and had pulled away from the flesh, which documented for ongoing dehydration and enzymatic breakdown. Additionally, there was a pool of drop loss, containing largely protein.
On the other hand, the salmon we placed in nanoICE did not have any signs of drip los or colour discoloration. The fin had stayed in its original position. And since nanoICE is liquid, it had also penetrated the inner side of the fish, keeping its core cool inside and out.
* Third-party validation needed to prove results.

72-hour Fish Test


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