NanoICE has delivered two models of the NM-3202 ice machine to Nybonia Hav and Nybonia Kyst


NanoICE has supplied ice machines for use on board MS Marie, where the main purpose is to cool whale meat. MS Marie is a coastal vessel that is 21 meters long. Built in 1957, and has undergone continuous improvements. Marie has/ had quotas for NVG herring, mackerel, cod, blue halibut and whale.

Quality and control

Whale meat requires gentle treatment and must undergo a careful process to keep control of maturation and temperature. Here, nanoICE has proven to be a good solution in the application and use of the ice, both early in capture but also during storage and packaging.

Flexible solutions

For the delivery of the second machine, the purpose of this is to have a flexible solution, where you can use the machine in several areas and even move it between boats as the boats go to the field to fish. Here, the purpose was to solve the needs to be able to take care of extra cooling capacity when needed in bulk lifters and bleeding tanks, but also to be able to supplement with nanoICE directly into the RSW circuit. This in order to quickly reduce the temperature of the water on board in advance, but also to be able to maintain temperature when fish with a high temperature comes aboard.

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