We are pleased to announce that we will be present at one of Turkey’s most important meeting places Future Fish Eurasia 2022. We look forward to good discussions and are looking forward to meet you there.

The demand for better quality, fresher food and less food waste is important for the environment and sustainability in the 21st century. The industry needs to extract what it can in order to maintain a sustainable industry. With nanoICE, you give the entire value chain a good basis for being able to deliver a good result in terms of both quality, sustainability and efficiency.
With fast, gentle and efficient cooling throughout the value chain, this benefits both producer and consumer.

You can visit us at OCTOAQUA ‘s stand C-12 to learn more about our products, and especially the NM-3202 ice machine. A demo of the machine will be organized so that interested parties can come and see the machine in operation. Our partner and re-seller Nomapro AS will be there to answer your questions about our product and service.

⚙️ nanoICE combine the unique ice solution with an outstanding machine design!
nanoICE machines are compact, versatile, and mobile with perfect energy efficiency and easy service, which allows it to operate in a variety of scenarios both on- and off-shore.

Whether you are a fisherman on a small boat or need cooling solutions at a large production facility, you will be able to use nanoICE. The machine can also, with two ice generators, give you great flexibility to produce super-chilled water and thick ice, at the same time!

With ice crystals ❄️❄️❄️ smaller than one micron in size, our machines produce a beautiful silky ice that is gentle on the product and cools faster and better than any other type of ice.

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