Did you know…💡 that you can use nanoICE in First stage- Catching?

How do you prevent heat buildup in your rawmaterial?

Use of nanoICE is ideal for deep and rapid cooling of fresh /live fish in either farming before slaughter or in reception in storage tanks on board fishing vessels before bleeding/ gutting.

5-10% thin nano-ice solution at -1,2°C to -1,5°C ❄️❄️❄️ is used for this purpose of preventing heat buildup in the raw material in holding tanks / fish reception areas, ideally quickly lowering the raw material temperature from start temperature, without exceeding lower temperatures than +1 to +1,5°C since fish has not been bled or processed.

You can easily choose on the machine whether you want to make deep / super-cooled water or whether you want a thicker ice solution, just with a few keystrokes.

Use nano-ice solution straight from the machine or pumped from an OPTIONAL 1-5 ton nanoICE storage buffer tank. This when you need larger volume and quantity is required over a shorter period of time.