Cooling solutions for cooling and maturing whale meat are on the agenda in this delivery. At the same time, we congratulate the customer with a new boat for the purpose.

M/S Midsund is will be rebuilt to be able to fish for whales and will be able to finish producing much of the catch on board. Catching whales often takes place during periods of warm weather and it is therefore important that you have the opportunity to start effective cooling as soon as you get the catch on board. In addition to whaling, the boat will be rigged for seine seine, where nanoICE can also be used for cooling during harvesting. nanoICE will, for example, be very suitable for cooling  in the first stage during bleeding when the fish is gutted.

A total of one ice machine of the type NM-3202 and two distribution tanks for ice are delivered in this delivery.
Two ice tanks with a capacity of respectively 2200 liters (2000mm X 1200ø) and 3400 liters (3000mm X 1200ø) are supplied to be able to store ice and distribute larger quantities of ice when needed. The tanks comes with agitator and distribution pump.

All equipment are manufactured and delivered in collaboration with our production and salespartner Nomapro AS.