NB 1000 Brine Mix system

The nanoICE Brine Mix System continuously and automatically mixes salt with fresh or brackish water to produce a desired salinity level for making nanoICE.

Dosing Box
The Dosing Box contains all of the main control units for the Dosing System. This includes the electronic control panel and main electrical connections, fresh and brine flow meters, freshwater solenoids, and salt pump. We recommend setting the salinity between 2.5% and 3.5%

Process Tank
Fully saturated brine mixes with the fresh water in the Process Tank. This is the tank that directly feeds the nanoICE machines with the process water.

Salt Tank
The Salt Tank is wheresalt mixes with freshwater to created fully saturated brine. The user pours salt directly into the salt tank. The salt level should never be above the outlet strainerin the middle of the tank. Important: The user has to schedule additions of salt to maintain fully saturated brine. Depending on usage, this could be as much as once every day.

Filter Station
The Filter Box contains the process water pump, water filters, and bypass valve. Every nanoICE machine requires a unique filter box. Note: The process pump is connected directly to the nanoICE Machine.

When you don't have access to salt water

When producing in areas with pollution

ND 1000 dosing system