NF series

The Connection Package contains the process water pump, water filters, and bypass valve and every nanoICE machine requires a unique filter box and pump.

The filter unit delivers the correct amount of filtered water to the machine to be able to produce nanoICE. The filter unit ensures that ice production and the lifespan of the machine are maintained.

UV purification can also be installed in the filter unit. In the filter unit, you can also connect and flush the machine with a chemical cleaning agent to clean the circuit in the machine where there are particularly high requirements for bacteria control.

Integrated feeding pump

Ensures stable flow of process water to the machine, controlled and powered by the machine

Filter for cleaning processwater

Two filter housings ensure clean process water for the machine, and ensure a long service life for components and evaporators

UV filters

Options for connecting UV cleaning in the circuit after the filter cleaning, for the removal of 99.9% of bacteria in process water

Chemical flushing and cleaning

Options to connect chemical cleaning to clean the machine in production processes with very strict hygienic requirements
NF series