NT series

The tanks are designed to hold the nano-ice solution “ready-to-use” in the desired ice% for 6-10 hours. Ice can be pumped in larger volumes when required for any application for increased efficiency and provide work savings in all ice distribution and handling.

The nano-ice buffer tanks are optional and available 1 to 7 tons. All tanks are made of stainless steel or plastic (Polyethylene), with agitator and ice pump.

The purpose of the tanks is to be able to buffer ice, to distribute it quickly and efficiently, since ice is a fresh product.

With tanks, you can also choose how much water you want to drain out to change both the consistency and salinity of the ice.

Communicates with the machine, easy to operate

Can be operated in stand alone mode

Auger blades innside ensures efficient and gentle stirring

Frequency-controlled agitators and pumps for speed adjustment

NT 5500 front_side open tank