What is nanoICE

A Revolution in Food Preservation

nanoICE is an innovative molecular ice technology that keeps seafood fresh for longer in a gentle chilling process. We combine our unique ice solution with an outstanding machine design that is easy to use and fits multiple environments.

nanoICE creates full contact with the product surface, lowering its temperatures quicker than other conventional ice solution on the market.

  • Rapid core cooling technology
  • Limits bacterial growth and spoilage
  • Reduces shrinkage and prevents weight loss
  • Retains product appearance

Industries and Applications

Where to use nanoICE

Use nanoICE to successfully preserve the freshness of seafood catch both on- and offshore.
Additionally, applications for fruit, vegetables, poultry, and meats are also possible.

Our Products

Compact and versatile
ice machines

nanoICE machines are scalable for use on board vessels, for land-based producers and processors, in-field or storage cooling, short-haul transport, and retail outlets.

Small, modular, and efficient, they fit various applications and output ice with adjustable consistency depending on your needs.

  • Easy to use
  • Completely automated
  • Energy efficient
  • Dual output technology

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