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6 benefits of nanoICE for every aquaculture producer and fish processor

Did you know that fish consumption in Europe reached an all-time high in 2014? The industry reached a massive 24kg per capita, while making sure that product would be of highest quality possible as well as delivered to the consumer in a timely manner. A 2019 study by the EU Food Safety Authority confirms “consumers and citizens show increasingly pressing expectations towards food, to issues such as health, origin, convenience, environment, climate change, animal welfare”.

It is anticipated that fish production will increase by 25% in 2024, and for aquaculture producers and fish processors to adapt and meet the increasing and specific consumer demand more easily, they are going to need the right cooling solution to generate minimal weight loss, maximum consumer benefit, and maximum sales value.

This is provided by the next-generation technology, nanoICE, which uses molecular ice particles that keep food fresh for longer. nanoICE does not use chemicals or freezing to preserve seafood simply sea water, or by mixing fresh water with salt. Our machines were designed to be plug and play, versatile and easy to use and the results hold some unique benefits for every aquaculture producer and fish processor.

nanoICE cools your product quickly to the core

nanoICE is a granular free ice solution that spreads across the entire product both on the surface and inside all cavities on a molecular level. Deep contact enables the ice particles to rapidly drop the temperatures all the way to the product core without freezing. This eliminates the hotspots and ensures even temperature.

nanoICE protects products from bacteria and prevents spoilage

Since nanoICE fully coats the product surface, it creates a physical barrier to protect it from the formation of bacteria. nanoICE prevents spoilage and allows you to sell your product at a better price due to its higher quality.

nanoICE increases weight retention by up to 15%

This means you won’t see such a dramatic weight loss (or drip). Instead, you will enjoy a higher sellable weight and a product that has retained its nutritional value. Once again, this allows for an increase in price and improvement in your profit margins.

nanoICE preserves the look of the products and extends their shelf-life

Whether it is seafood, meat, poultry or fresh fruits and vegetables, nanoICE will not cause any bruising, breakage, or scratches, because its texture is silky soft and extremely gentle to any surface. This means it holds substantial benefits over flake ice, for example, across the value chain from catch to plate. You will be able to meet all elements of your customers’ expectations.

nanoICE devices are modular and easy to operate with

As far as practical usage is concerned nanoICE machines are compact, modular, easy to set up and just a bliss to operate. Once installed, the device fits most operations both off- and on-shore. You only press one button to start it, and then you can alter the ice output via the user-friendly touchscreen interface. 3 to 4 minutes later, you’ll have pumpable ice to apply on all of your products without any shoveling or added physical labour.

nanoICE provides tangible ROI

nanoICE is the first machine with a tangible return on investment and is scalable for a variety of industries. It uses up to 70% less energy and up to 90% less refrigerant charge when compared to current conventional ice machines. This efficiency is because you need far less nanoICE to do the same cooling job as other forms of ice.

As it simultaneously hydrates and chills the product, nanoICE reduces shrinkage and prevents product weight loss. Therefore, nanoICE improves all aspects of shelf life (appearance, nutritional value, and taste), optimizes production costs and increases food quality.

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